The Need to Fix and Rescue

A common theme appearing on these forums is co-dependency.
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The Need to Fix and Rescue

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One of the main reasons that I decided to leave this forum was because I became aware of a pattern that repeated itself at least three times - that being a personal belief that I could fix or rescue someone from their LE.

All were on this forum at one point in time. One was a rebound limerence friendship, one was a 3-year friendship and the final one was a brief friendship. I had inadvertently inserted myself into their lives by trying to ease the emotional pain of the LE and put way too much energy into solving their issues with LO and SO, which not only contributed to my own rumination with LO, but moved the focus from myself to them. There were several commonalities among them, those being: all were males who were unavailable.

Eventually, I realized that I cannot rescue anyone and that each individual has to go through that process and work through it and there is nothing I can say or do to move that along because it is up to that person. The same applies to LO.

This, in itself, was a huge lesson for me and actually was presented in different ways and scenarios, so that I could truly understand it.
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