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Forbidden error

Post by kenophobia »

Signing up at gives 'Forbidden' error.

Also I am "not authorised to read private messages", which is a little irritating as I had some useful notes, books, information in there.

Is something wrong with the new release of the website? Thanks.
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Re: Forbidden error

Post by L-F »

Gosh, don't you hate those messages? My inner critic is soooo good at telling me I blew up the internet and will be hunted down by the feds like a crim who hacked and hijacked it.

I believe PMs are no longer available after 1st June, of which I forgot! I was about to PM mycarona a couple of links. David can correct me here, I believe PMs are available for Full Silver members?
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Re: Forbidden error

Post by David »

yes, PMs are now only available to silver members, just $5 / month and first 14 days free.

not sure why you got forbidden error for signing up for courses, you have to sign up to a course and put your credit card details in
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