"Men Like Younger Women"

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Re: "Men Like Younger Women"

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I think you are onto something! Back when I was 20 I was into "older men". Now in my 40's, I am into younger. I think my perfect age for men is between 30-35! I just haven't been able to bring myself to date men my age. It can be depressing, esp. as a female. The men wanting older women usually want them because they figure the woman isn't looking for something serious (and our libido is greater). Most younger men are still wanting to produce children and look towards more serious relationships with more fertile women.

Sigh. There's always hope. My 80 yo great aunt got married to her second husband. It was too cute to see them courting.
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Re: "Men Like Younger Women"

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You know, it's not fun to have to reject anybody (of any age really). But especially someone with a much-wider age gap than me. When I was younger I used to have a hard time rejecting older men (respect your elders and all). I was even more open to dating them. As I've gotten older, I've seen how many of them treat the women they're "interested" in, and it's made it easier to reject them. They don't seem to see women as people with their own lives, interests, goals, hobbies, etc. I could argue younger men are the same way AND expect to have their love interest handed to them on a silver platter, but I digress.

Rejecting a much-younger guy is awful for a very different reason. Especially really young and/or inexperienced, I hate to feel like I'm the one who's going to give them that smack in the face about life and rejection. But most people appreciate honesty that someone is not interested so they can move on.

I dislike older men for a (probably unfair) reason. I didn't have a decent father figure growing up. I don't want one now. I feel like no matter how much men approach these relationships with the idea that they want a partner, it's never how it works. It's always a power play and if these guys don't realize it in the first place, they eventually realize it. And the tired old Hollywood cliché about older man with money saving young woman from a life of misery. #-o Seriously, how many books, movies, songs, etc. have been about this subject? It's not healthy for ANYONE!
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