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A place to help from being limerent again and how to cope with limerence in future relationships.
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@Ivanhoe: Thank you for sharing your experience. It seems like the dating did facilitate something which has taken you along a path from which you are learning/growing? From that perspective it served a purpose I guess. I wonder if you would do it again? It sounds like you might. Do you mind me asking if NG was the only person you met with the online dating?
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Re: Online dating

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Yes, NG was the only one I actually met. In fact, there were a lot of inquiries made to me in the three days I was online. I live in a large city and there are a lot of people on POF -- and 65 year old males are apparently in some demand. But after looking at all of the inquirers, I understood that I was embarking on a treacherous path for them (I was so in pain) and shut the whole thing down. However NG sent me a note in a section of the site that I did not see and a few days later, in my hotel room, profoundly lonely, I realized I had not erased the POF app from my phone -- so I opened it and there was her intriguing note and beautiful picture and a profile that fit everything I could have wanted in a partner. I agreed to meet her and when we met told her almost everything (leaving out the limerence). She was a serious healthcare professional who had worked with grieving and said she was interested in seeing me again, and I agreed.
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Re: Online dating

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I didn't have terribly good experiences on it, but I remain hopeful of someday trying again. Go for it (for the right reasons)!
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