Want to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again?

A place to help from being limerent again and how to cope with limerence in future relationships.
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Want to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again?

Post by NoDayDreaming »

we discussed this study a while ago how one can fall in love with a stranger using this.
now, the intriguing idea is, will it work for a SO?
https://getpocket.com/explore/item/want ... ket-newtab

anyone want to try and report back?
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Re: Want to Fall in Love With Your Partner Again?

Post by WishMagick »

I just went through this list with my husband.
It was nice. We had a good talk. I felt more connected to him. And I found out that my husband is still in love with me. I assumed he wasn't. He never tells me he is and he doesn't really act like he is, but he says he still is in love with me.

I feel like there are moments that I still feel in love with my DH. But, it's not a continuous feeling. Because I am not obsessed with him.

We had a really good talk after we finished the questions too. I told him things about myself that I never had before. I guess they were repressed memories. I'm an open book, and I guess that was the only thing about me that he didn't know. He probably feels more connected to me now.

Thanks for posting this!
I'm now limerence free! Mindfulness & Traditional spiritualism was my "cure".
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