Hasty Reader on limerence

For some, limerence isn't about suffering. For others, they do not see limerence as akin to an addiction. Others do not see limerence as originating in childhood from poor parenting and dysfunctional attachments.

Here is a place to share different beliefs as well as share your own POV.
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Re: Hasty Reader on limerence

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This is why i actually long for an opportunity to be completely alone with my LO, So I can make it clear how I feel and have him actually reject me. That would cure me, I'm sure. Yes it would hurt, but it would be a short sharp shock.
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Re: Hasty Reader on limerence

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"If the LO is obviously eager, then the Limerent will stop asking oneself “Does the LO want me?” and instead switch to questions such as “Do I want the LO anymore?”. Certainty pulls the Limerent out of the chase, feeling they’ve already won.

Of course, this is also true the other way around. If the LO knows just how infatuated the Limerent is, they too might lose interest and consider the Limerent overbearing."

God, this is so true. I am in the middle of this dance. Want to laugh about myself.
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