The ABC’s Of Feelings (Teaching Your Child To Identify Feelings)

A section on how we were parented and how we parent our own children (where relevant). It is likely that much of the origins of our Limerence start in childhood, this is an important sub-forum.
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The ABC’s Of Feelings (Teaching Your Child To Identify Feelings)

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This one has a simple activity attached at the end.

The ABC’s Of Feelings (Teaching Your Child To Identify Feelings)...

I know what you’re thinking: I’m a broken record with the feelings thing. You’re probably right. My poor little kiddos have to live with me; imagine how they must feel! In my defense, I have a four year old who is able to verbalize the following: “Mommy I feel frustrated and I can’t calm myself down. I need your h
elp!” I also have a two year who can verbalize the following: “I’m just feeling a little bit sad today, Mommy. I just need to cry for a minute.” While my heavy focus on teaching children to identify and verbalize their feelings early might seem a bit much at times, it seems that it does work.

In a recent Twitter chat with a like-minded professional I dared to “whisper” that teaching identification of feelings might actually be more valuable than teaching the ABC’s when it comes to toddlers and preschoolers. After going back and forth a bit, we came up with the following plan: We can teach them at the same time! Sometimes simplicity is genius. Below is my version of what I now think of as “The ABC’s of Feelings”:

A is for Anxious when I worry but don’t know why

B is for Bashful when I feel a little shy.

C is for Confident because I know I can do it

D is for Down when I just need to cry through it.

E is for Excited because I had a great day

F is for Frightened when something scared me away!

G is for Good; I feel healthy and fit

H is for Happy, when I’m in good spirits.

I is for Icky when the day is hard to enjoy

J is for Jealous when I want someone’s toy.

K is for Kooky because being silly is fun

L is for Loving when I want to hug everyone!

M is for Melancholy because some days are blue

N is for Nice when someone shares with me too.

O is for Overwhelmed; there are too many plans for me

P is for Playful, which is a nice way to be.

Q is for Quiet when I need time just for me

R is for Rowdy; I need to set my energy free!

S is for Surprised when someone sneaks up and yells, “Boo!”

T is for Tired; when I need extra sleep too.

U is for Understanding; I know how my friend feels today

V is for Victorious when my team wins in a big way!

W is for Worried; I’m a little afraid of the dark

X is for EXcluded when I wasn’t asked to play at the park.

Y is for Young when I feel kind of small, AND

Z is for Zany, which is the silliest of all!

Added project: Draw faces together to match each feeling and talk about a time when your child felt that way. Have a child who doesn’t like to draw? Sit in front of a mirror and try to make faces to match each feeling! ... -feelings/
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Re: The ABC’s Of Feelings (Teaching Your Child To Identify Feelings)

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LOVE this!! Sending to my kids now....

My biggest regret is any damage I have done to my children who are now aged 20 and 21 -but it’s never too late to make it right. At least limerence woke me up...
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