The perils of disclosing to your SO

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The perils of disclosing to your SO

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The following survey data from Health Testing Centres backs up the perils of disclosure to our SO's.

Its based on answers from 441 people so not a large data set and yet large enough to get some meaningful data. The term infidelity is used and broken down into many categories from kissing, sex, oral sex going on a date, flirting on social media, spending money on the other person, going on trips with them, flirting on dating aps, webcam meetup, pregnancy or getting an STD.

In summary what they found is more than half of relationships – 54.5% – broke up immediately after one partner admitted to cheating. Meanwhile, 30% of these relationships attempted to stay intact but resulted in a breakup later on. 15.6% were still together.

Nevertheless, outcomes varied significantly depending on the cheater’s gender. About 20% of female cheaters were still in their relationship, compared to about 10% of male cheaters.

Meanwhile, 22% of male cheaters said their partner immediately ended the relationship upon learning of the infidelity, compared to nearly 11% of female cheaters.

Overall, relationships were more likely to break up after an incident of cheating than marriages – and predictably, long-term affairs led to a higher rate of breakups.

The detailed stats can be seen here: ... -cheating/
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