Indiscriminate Limerence :(

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Indiscriminate Limerence :(

Post by Lalapow »

Edit: I'd like this post to be deleted so people don't waste time reading it, because I think I could have done a better job of explaining my situation and the difficulty with cutting off my LO. Sorry and I appreciate the responses I got, I'm contemplating them. But I'd appreciate if a mod would just delete it

Hi, I'm new, so sorry if this is a common sentiment. I find that my brain has a large pool of potential LOs, and I can't think of a demographic group (gender, age, physical characteristics, etc.) that will disqualify someone. I think I just get limerent over people I admire and have a lot in common with, in other words, people who would make good friends. So anyone I would want to be close friends with, I could probably get limerent over.

A few months ago, I was limerent over one of my friends; then it switched to a new friend. But if I cut her off, it will probably just go back to the first friend. I've read that the only way to end limerence is to end contact with your LO (or confess, which will also likely result in loss of contact). But I think if I do this, I'll end up without any friends. No one is safe!

Having a partner didn't really help as I still got limerent over someone else.

Just looking for support, or advice on how to be close friends with an LO, while minimizing the limerence as much as possible. Are there any resources for this? Any tips? Thanks :)
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Re: Indiscriminate Limerence :(

Post by David »

Welcome Lalapow to the forum

As for being friends with your LO, forget it, its like an alcoholic believing they can quit alcohol but still drink. Most addicts are delusional about their addiction.
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Re: Indiscriminate Limerence :(

Post by JupiterTaco »

I agree, I'm convinced that there are certain people that will always have that chemical effect on me.
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