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Changes to subscriptions

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Changes to subscriptions

Post by David »

I’ve made some changes to the subscription module on the forum. The original system was clunky and required a manual process for me to add a subscriber to the members group once they had signed up. If I was away or travelling, this could delay things by 24 hours.

I’ve installed a new module to automate the process and gives immediate access with no intervention from myself once someone signs up.

The only thing is this module doesn’t do recurring monthly subscriptions so I’ve created one, three, six and 12 month subscriptions. A 12 month subscription now works out at $6 cheaper per year. If you’re on the original system, you can cancel your subscription or just cancel the PayPal payment and then move over to the new system. If you have any issues with this drop me a email or p.m.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed as this does help keep the forum moderated and ad free
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